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To start a website, you must need a website templates weather you are going to start an online store or corporate website or personal website. Choosing the right web templates is one of the toughest decisions in any online business.

There are a number of platform you can build your website with. These are:

  1. HTML Templates: HTML Website templates are used to make static website. These type of templates are perfect for corporate/business website where all function are done offline and the site just present them to the world. These site do not have any function for user registration or login.


  1. Dynamic Website Templates: These sites are scripted with PHP,MySQL etc for user registration. These sites have generally huge people engagement and interaction. Dynamic templates are costly and used mainly for those who want to make a business online.

WordPress: WordPress is the industry leading publishing platform for blogger.However,you can also make business/ecommerce and all other type of website with this platform. All you need is WordPress Theme.















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