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12 way to avoid negative SEO

Negative SEO refers to an activity which drops down your website from search engine from its previous rank. When Google finds any activities that may be used to over optimize or promote your search rank faster is considered as spam activities. Following activities is considered as a spam activity by Google. Avoid these activities to hold your search rank and try something good to promote it.


  1. Blog commenting by software: It’s a common work to get backlinks from different website. Some software also claims that, using their software will not be considered as spam. But, be sure, that Google is very strict to protect spam!


  1. Forum Posting by software: It is more easy to get link from forum than to blog. But, some do not want to do such a little work also. If you use software, posting time will make it prove about the software. Be aware and be safe.

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  1. Copy-cate Content: Copycate content is also a cause of negative SEO. It could be traced even you change some word or line form a paragraph. Google will not come to your website to report your content, it just drop down your rank from their search engine.


  1. Over Optimization: Over Optimization also considered as a spam. Do not make it so fast, that you can fail to catch it up! Create backlinks or other SEO work slowly but contentiously.


  1. Keyword Stuffing: It is the way to use more keyword than requirements. It also refers to using non-relevant keyword in your website content.



  1. Over density of Keywords: It is the use of more keyword in content. In general, keyword in content should not exceed more than 4 percent of content length. It may drop down your rank.


  1. Non- Relative Title: Using non relative title in a webpage to get more importance on search engine is also consider as spam to Google. You may get slap fro Google for such an activities.



  1. Using more images: Google boot can not read the images. Therefore using more images in a webpage is not considered as good to Google. Do not use more than 2-3 image in  a single web page
  2. Back Link from non-relative website: After Google penguin update, Backlinks from related website is only considered as a quality of back link. Back link from a non related website is considered as spam. It could be drop down your website search rank.
  3. Link Exchange: Link exchange is a old way to get link from another website. But it creates two way links for both website. Which may mark as spam on the sence of Google? Must avoid link exchange.
  4. Auto Submission on search engine: Auto submission on different search engine is also considered as spam to Google. There are a lot of auto submitter. Whether its free or paid, Google does not allow any auto submission. You should avoid this easy work!
  5. Avoid rare font to write your website content and use a standard font size for your content. If your user /reader or viewer do not stay in your website for a minimum time, Google consider it is useless or unusable. That may drop down your website search rank.



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