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15 Tips To Write a Better Blog Posts

No matter whether you’re a professional Blogger? Hobbyist, what you need to successful your blog? Well, the answer is – some excellent posts.  To increase your Blog’s reader – quality post is must.Read the article to get blogging tips .To be very frank – not a simple post is enough. You must add something more to spice up your blog post.You must learn the basic tips of how to write a blog. But the question is – what are those components that you’ll need to add into your blog post? Well here are some tips that can help you to write an effective blog post –


Understand Your Target Audience – make sure that you already know your target audience. If you’re selling something then your posts must be salesy, but if you own a review blog, where you review some products or services, then you must write your post with a neutral view. So, it is very much essential that – you must determine your reader before posting.


Know Your Target Market – like determining the audience, it is very much essential that, you also determine your target market. If you’re writing for the UK market, then your post must reflect that in your post.


Write Informative Posts – Always try to learn of how to write a good blog.do not write a simple post. Rather, write something that contains lots of useful information that add some value to your reader’s life. Because no one interested to read sales posts, rather they enjoy the informative post, using this they can make his/her later decision.


Write An Interesting Title – An interesting title is very much important. Instead of simple time, use “WH” words in your post title. Use who, how, where, which and others…in your title, because usually, readers search their queries using those “WH” words.To know how to make a good blog ,conduct a research on related blogs.


Add Images – an image can speak thousands of words. Images not only make your post more enjoyable to read, on the other hand – it can also generate more traffic for your blog. Sites like – flick and Photobucket has great search engine visibility, so your images not only improve your post, but also grab some traffic from those websites.


Add Videos – adding videos in the blog post are a new concept, before a few years back, when the WEB 2.0 implemented in all over the Internet, the developers – create a great platform to share videos. Using those sites like – YouTube, MetaCafé and others not only host your videos and give you the sharing opportunities, but also it improves your Blog’s interactivity and generates traffic.


Writes Your Post With Points – Writing a blog is not easy.do not write a blog post like a simple script; rather write your post with bullets can make your post more readable, and use bold and italics to mark the important words/ lines.


Add Statistics – adding statistics can prove you as an avid Blogger and it shows that, you’re a master of the subject. There are lots of websites, who offers lots of statistics, so, it is a good idea that – you can collect the statistics and graphs to establish your concept.




Multiple Formats – apart from the simple HTML version, you must add other formats to give more flexibility to your readers like – plain text format and PDF version (downloadable) can help your readers a lot.


Make Link To Other Articles – inbound links are very much essential for an effective blog post. Apart from this, you are also taking care of outbound links too! So, it is important that – you must link the related articles and other partly published articles with each other for a better user experience.


Encourage Inputs From Readers – write your post in a controversial tone, instead of plain writing. Controversial tone can help you to involve your readers with your post and they willingly to add their comments.


Leave Your Sharing Opportunities – add social networking buttons and widgets in your blog, so that your readers can share your blog posts with all social media platforms.


Make Clear Purpose – do not write vague articles or blog post. Your blog post must reflect the clear purpose of your article, so that your readers can find the exact solution of their problems.


Stick To Your Plan – do not mix up multiple techniques in an informal way, you must stick to your plan, and demonstrate the problem solving techniques step by step.


Call Of Action – finally, in conclusion, make a clear closing line of your article, so that your reader can determine the closing the process.


Nevertheless, hope these tips can help you to write an effective blog post for your blog.







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