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15 Ways To Get Quality Back Links And Boost Search Engine Rank

[hana-code-insert name=’336x280txt_left’ /]No matter whether, you’re an avid Webmaster or normal Webmaster who just start-up his/her online business recently, both of you need a common thing – i.e. The traffic. You can do forum posting to get backlinks.Traffic means potential sales for online sellers, on the other hand, for contextual advertisement publishers – traffic means, genuine visitor’s impression of their published advertisement and in both cases they earn revenue!


However, more often the search engines change their algorithms to getting indexed the web pages and determine their page ranks, but in most cases the basic standards are remaining same. Quality link building is required for  SEO.So, now the question is – is there any way to boost the search engine rank? The answer is – Yes! And the proven and organic way is – create as much as back links you can, but always keep in mind that – you should leave your links to this site’s whose page rank is higher than you. This is the golden rule of creating back links. Nevertheless, here are some more common yet very powerful back link generating ideas that not only bring new traffic but also improve your website’s SERP.


[hana-code-insert name=’160x600txt_wrap-right’ /]Blog Commenting – commenting on Blogs is one of the easiest ways to create your back links. The main benefits of it is – you only get genuine traffic from them not only that – Blogs are usually posted new content every now and then, additionally, the structure of Blogs is pretty much search engine friendly. So, once the blog is crawled into any major search engine the side-by-side, your URL also been crawled by it. However, it is also suggested that, while you’re going to blog commenting, keep in mind that – do not Spam and your comment must add some value to that Blog’s content – Because if your comment looks like Spam, the owner of the blog will remove your comment immediately.


Article Submission – it is one of the oldest methods of back linking. There are lots of free article submission directories available over the Internet, who offers free article submission. Being a Webmaster – you can take advantage of it. Some most popular and high traffic article submission directories are – EzineArticles, ArticleBase, GoArticles and many others. But remember, every article directories have their own editorial guidelines, so it is very much important that your articles must maintain their guidelines, otherwise they simply reject your articles.


Guest Blogging – it is a relatively new concept of creating back links.You have to make your url as seo link . The concept behind guest Blogging is – as a Blogger, you can post your articles in other high traffic Blogs along with your website’s link. Problogger is the excellent example of it. However, you can find a great resource about guest Blogging here.


Social Media Marketing – social media marketing is another innovative way to exploit the social media platforms to generate traffic. Social media platforms like – Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and others have an excellent user base, and some of them also offer advertising opportunities for business owners, if you’re not interested about paying marketing campaign, you can simply leave your links in your status updates/posts.


[hana-code-insert name=’160x600txt_wrap-lefy’ /]Video Marketing – Video marketing or VSEO is an increasing its popularity day by day. In VSEO, the webmasters upload some promotional, review, or any kind of other informative videos to most popular video sharing sites like – YouTube, MetaCafé and others… along with their back links.

Build A Link Wheel – before a few years ago, people think that is a bad SEO practice, but now the scenario is completely changed. People now use this technique to improve their page rank and overall search engine visibility.


Use Question Answer Sites – Question & Answer sites like – Yahoo! Answers and other places are great places to drag some visitors. You can solve their problems with your website link, so, that the people can come into your website by clicking on that link.


Build Company Profiles – there are lots of websites who offer to create your company profile on their website, it is a good idea that you can create your company profile along with your website details.


Forum Signatures – it is one of the oldest ideas to generate genuine traffic, but during forum posting, always remember – do not Spam on the forums, otherwise the moderators will remove your post immediately and your effort does not make any sense.


Document Sharing Sites – it is a relatively new SEO technique, document sharing sites like – Scribd and others…offer uploading your documents and presentations, so, you can upload some informative and useful documents over there along with your website link.


Image Sharing Sites – image-sharing sites like – Flickr, Photobucket and others have great search engine visibility. You can upload images there to create successful back links.


Local Business Directories – local business directories and classified like – Yahoo Local and Craig list are an excellent place where you can advertise your business along with your back links.


RSS Feed Submission – this technique is very much effective in content marketing. If you’ve series of Blogs, then you can take advantage of it.


Social Bookmarking Sites – social bookmarking sites like – Digg, StumbleUpon and others offers you to bookmark your site, and they have a strong user base, so you can easily grab some visitors from there.


Submit Press Releases – lastly, Press release is one of the best and oldest form of marketing, where you can release an official press release and distribute it on several PR distribution directors, the spread your PR across the globe.


Hope those techniques works for you, happy back linking.

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