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15 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

You’ve set up your blog and start posting…but what next? The key element of any website or blog is – the visitors. If you’re selling something through your blog or you’re a contextual advertisement publisher like – Google Adsense, you must need visitors to generate revenue from your blog and increase traffic. You can post advertise to increase web traffic.Of course, when you just start your blog – you send the links to your friends and family members. B  ut this is not enough, if you need huge traffic – then you must know the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to grab traffic from major search engines and other high traffic websites.


However, here are some SEO techniques that can give you the desired traffic for your blog and increase blog traffic –


Unique And Useful Content –the golden rule of blog and website promotion is – great content, because “Content Is King”. When you start Blogging, keep in mind that – blog has a great trustworthiness of it’s genuine content.You have to know how to get traffic to your blog. It will help you get traffic.Because people think that – Blogger only post such content that they already perform in their practical life, no matter whether you own a technical blog or a healthcare and fitness blog!


Limit The Keyword Density – when you’re developing your content, keep in mind that – excessive keyword stuffing can simply ruin your Blog’s reputation and it may not visible or permanently banned from search engines. Use targeted website traffic.The recommended keyword density is – 2% – 4% in a 500 word blog post, but usually, a normal blog post consists 250-350 words, so, choose your keyword density wisely.


Add Images – image-sharing sites are another great place to grab some traffic. Sites like – Flick, Photobucket, zooomr have great traffic, you can upload your article related images and other useful images over there to your Blog’s address to generate traffic.


Add Videos – video-sharing sites like – YouTube, MetaCafé, yahoo videos and other video sharing sites has great search engine visibility. Uploading related videos not only generate traffic from the video-sharing site itself, it also generates traffic from major search engines also, because those videos appear on specific search results.


Update Your Blog Regularly – do not leave your blog alone for a long time, because every search engine like regularly updated and fresh content blog. So, it is recommended that, you must update your blog regularly for getting more traffic.


Exchange Blog Links – one of the oldest but very powerful link exchange strategy for Blogs and websites. site traffic is the site visitor.This is a clean and simple method to build links to other Blogs or websites. Being a blog owner, make direct mail to other Bloggers to exchange their links with you.


Guest Posts – it is another new back linking process for Bloggers that will increase website traffic. In this strategy, you’ll need to write for another blog and vice versa. While you’re writing a blog post for other Blogs – that moment you can leave your Blog’s link on that blog. However, keep in mind that – that blog must have high traffic.


Blog Commenting – another old technique to leave your back links to high traffic Blogs. You have to promote your blog to increase traffic to blog.But always remember – your comments do not look like Spam, otherwise the blog administrator will remove the comment immediately. Additionally, make sure that the blog comment system of those Blogs must support “do follow” links.


Articles – a double edge blade that can help for both – Blogs and websites. Post related articles to article directories to generate traffic. Additionally, before posting, make sure that – your articles must follow their editorial guidelines.


Social Networking Sites – social networking sites like – Bebo, MySpace, Facebook have great potential to generate traffic. But the main problem is – you’ve to post your links very carefully, otherwise they can ban your account and remove the links.


Squidoo – a comparatively new WEB 2.0 website who offers small single page inside their website, they are commonly known as – Squidoo lens. Like articles, you can create your lens and leave your blog links there. Here is an Squidoo guide that can help you a lot.


StumbleUpon – another WEB 2.0 website that has great impact on traffic generation. Like other bookmarking sites it has greater market share similar to other bookmarking sites like – Digg and others… you can find a great guide to start with StumbleUpon here.


Twitter – a great micro Blogging platform where you can share your links without any risk. And the most amazing fact is – you’re completely free to share your links and twitter has really large user base. You can find an amazing tutorial here.


Forum Signature – like blog commenting, it is another great and old technique to generate traffic from forums. Also, remember do not Spam on the forums, otherwise the moderators of the forums delete your post and ban you from the forum.


Give Away – finally, you can offer any other give away staffs to generate traffic. You can organize quiz and other competitions and offer the free stuffs. This is one of the most popular strategies for generating traffic now a day.


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