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How to appear your site within first 3rd position of google search result

Many people, specially the new webmasters think that, search engine optimization or (SEO) – is a programming concept! They think, Yes, we develop our website, upload into the web server and we are done! NO! Your journey just begins! The next step that you need is to perform  – SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in short – you have to add your website in all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.Google search result is the best  search resullt. The main goal of any SEO campaign is noting but gather as much as traffic they can. Because if your website only publish advertisements or selling something online, one thing is common for you, that is – in both cases, you’ll need visitors, The same thing applicable for blog and forum owners.


SEO is a combined process that holds other sub processes. SEO can be classified under two following categories. They are –


–         On-page SEO and

–         Off-Page SEO


In this article, we mainly concentrate on On-Page SEO. On-page Search engine optimization is a set of process which involves the basic techniques to optimize your website with Google defined SEO standards. Google search engine is the most powerful search engine.On-page optimization is very much critical, because when the search engine crawlers visit your site, right that moment it gathers all the information regarding your website and send them to that relevant search engines, from where it comes. On-page optimization includes –


  1. Title tag – title tag plays a vital role in on page optimization. Usually, professionals and experienced webmasters add their targeted keywords in title tag, because the title of any page get indexed by Google and improve your SERP rankings. you have to read our blog to know google search tricks.But before adding the keyword in your title tag, it is recommended that, you MUST perform the keyword analysis and find most low competition keywords for your title tags. Additionally, you must add the keywords in Meta tag. Because when the search engine spiders visit your website, before doing anything, it reads your Meta tag. So, it is very much essential that you must add the keyword in your Meta tag and add proper Meta description in your home page.
  2. Heading – alternatively you must use <H1>, <H2> tags to create your headings and notably, you should have to add the keyword in heading tags (i.e. the <H1>, <H2> etc…Tags).
  3. Content – as we know, “Content Is King”, that is why if your content is not keyword-rich and does not contain information then you can’t get a better ranking in Google. you find many blog by google searches.On the other hand, make sure that, you do not copy the content from anywhere, and the content exclusively developed for your website. Remember that, copy the content from another website can causes permanent ban from Google! Additionally, make sure that, your content just not contains the keyword, rather the content should be informative and add value to your visitor’s life. The recommended keyword density is – 2% -3% not more than that.
  4. Keyword And Your Domain Name – do you already purchase your domain name? If not, then just hold on and read carefully, keyword in your domain name is very much essential for your better web presence. For example, you’re selling golf ball in New York, then your domain name should look like this – www.golfballnewyourk.com NOT www.amazinggolf.com.
  5. Images And Animation – you website has lots of images, and you already know that, images kills your SERP, what next? You can use the images for your web presence by using <alt> tag, using this you can give the proper name/text description that reflects the name and the purpose of the image, alternatively you can use your keywords in your <alt> tag for better visibility.you can find your required image by google image search. For example – you have a golf ball image in your website, then instead of the image name 1.jpg try something like that – 1.60ox golf ball New York in <alt> tag, that reflects the type of the ball as well as you technically add your keyword “golf ball New York” in <alt> tag. As a result of this, the image will be pulled in Google image search.


However, Off-page SEO includes – content marketing, social media marketing, book marking, directory submission and many other methodologies. Hope the above mentioned tips help you to improve your search engine rankings.




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