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How to Connect to a Wireless Router

Having a wireless internet connection is a great convenience, especially if you have a laptop. Most wireless routers allow you to have internet connectivity within 250 feet of the router, which means you can comfortably enjoy the internet around your entire house and even outside in the yard. However, many people do not know how to connect to their wireless internet. In this tutorial you will learn how to connect to your wireless internet connection.


1. First you’ll need to buy a wireless router that is suitable for your needs and price range. Then you’ll want to follow the router’s manual to connect the device properly. It is best to plug a computer into the router via Ethernet cable for setup purposes.


2. Once you have set up the wireless router, it is no longer necessary to keep the computer plugged into it directly via Ethernet cable. If you are going to be using the WiFi on a different computer from the one you used to set the router up, then you might want to leave the computer connected to the router. That way if you encounter any problems you can simply go back to the computer that is still plugged into the router via Ethernet cable, and make any necessary changes in the control panel of the router.


3. Make sure you write down all information in the setup process. You’ll need a few pieces of information in particular, such as the SSID ( Service Set Identifier) and the WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol) key. You’ll also need to know the channel mode.


4. Start up the device you will be using to connect wirelessly to the router. Now you’ll want to plug in the WiFi card, or enable the built in WiFi card on your device.


5. You will most likely be prompted to install drivers for the device (WiFi card) if you have never used it on that particular machine. To install the drivers you can load them from the installation disc that came with your WiFi card, or you can download them from the manufacturers website on the internet.


6. Now double-click on the “Connection” icon located at the bottom of your screen to the right in the system tray.


7. Then select “Properties.”


8. Click on the “Wireless Networks” tab.


9. If you don’t see your WiFi network in the “Available Networks” section, then click on “Add”.


10. Once you see your network’s SSID in the “Available Networks” list, then select “Configure”


11. Now type in your network’s WEP key and SSID.


12. Now click on the Windows “Start” menu at the bottom left of your screen. Select “Connect To” and then click on “Wireless Network Connection.” Congratulations, you should now be able to access the wireless network from this computer.

If you had any problems following this tutorial, you may want to restart your computer and try the process again. Make sure you read each step thoroughly before continuing with the process.

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