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How to find keyword, your readers are using

Selecting the best keywords is one of the most important facts in search engine optimization. Otherwise, it will be like that you are trying die-hard to rank a keyword, but did not even get a single click from it. For ranking a keyword, Google calculates thousands of fact. So, To promote a keyword, which is already your, is definitely easy.


There are some common sources where you can get those keywords and later I will show you how to use them for new posts.


  1. Sources of currently used keywords:-


  • Google analytics
  • Google Webmaster tool.


How to find them: Follow the step by step guide to find keyword:-


A)    Google analytics:


ð     Log in Google Analytics

ð     Go to “Traffic Sources” and then “Overview” tab at the left sidebar

ð     At the  bottom right, click “View full report”

google analytics



B)     Google Webmaster tool.


ð     log in to “webmaster tool” and select website

ð     At right sidebar, go to Traffic-> Search Queries

ð     All  search queries are your keywords



google webmaster tool



Using keywords in post: When you are going to write a new post, keep in mind that you have to use these keywords in your post. For details, please read the article How to use keywords in your blog post.

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