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How To Find Link Exchange Web Sites for Link Building

Apart from the content, website structure and WEB 2.0 standards, links play a vital role in your website or Blog’s success. Frankly speaking – without inbound and outbound links you site/blog can’t get higher rank in any major search engine.Some website give facility for free link exchange. However, link building or link exchange is not an easy task, rather it is very time consuming and tedious job and you must be patient during your link building/link exchange session. Not only, that – a successful link building campaign take minimum time to take effect. So, you must wait a while to get the results. However, as mentioned earlier, there are several aspects that you must know before going for a link exchange campaign.

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Finding a link building or link exchange websites is not a difficult task; we’ll take a closer look on that in the next part of this article.Traffic exchange may increase your website traffic. Nevertheless, the links on your website are can be classified under two categories. They are – inbound links and outbound links. Inbound links mean those links that are interconnected with other pages of your website, on the other hand, outbound link means- those links which point other websites.

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Now the question is – what is link exchange? Link exchange is a process conducted by the webmasters in both forms – paid and free to connect their websites/Blogs to other websites/Blogs. The next question is – what is link popularity and how it affects your search engine ranking? Well, link popularity means, how many quality websites linked to your websites. If your site lined with high PR websites, then automatically, your PR is increased and your Blog’s overall search engine raking increased.


However, as mentioned earlier, link exchange is a difficult task, and it is also a very time consuming process. First of all, you have found those websites, where you can submit your website for linking. There are several ways to find those websites. Here are some techniques that can help you successfully find those sites –

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Hack The Search Engines – don’t worry, hacking search engine means, you just need to use the search engines in advanced style to find out those sites. Here are some advanced techniques to find out those sites in Google –


#1. Keyword + “add URL”

#2. Keyword + “add link”

#3. Keyword+ “add website”

#4. Keyword + ”submit URL”

#5. Keyword +”submit link”


To use this technique, add your keyword and the string without double quote and hit “search” button. The search engine instantly gives you the submission site lists.

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Find Link Submission Directories – link submission directories are another great idea. There are lots of websites gives the opportunity to submit your website into their directory.You may buy link building service from freelancer. The best way to do so – copy the Meta tags from your index page’s <Meta> Tag and copy other text snippet from your “About Us” page and make a compact context that you’ll need to submit to those websites along with your website link.


Check Your Competitors – it is another clever way to get the possible link exchange sites. To do so, type your competitor’s URL (http://www.yourcompetetorswebsite.com) in any major search engine like – Google. Google, instantly give you the results where your competitor leaves their links. After recognizing them, you can leave your links over there.


Hire SEO Professional – if you’re not familiar with link exchange, then it is suggested that you must hire a professional or a company that taking care of the entire process. As mentioned earlier – it is a time killing process, so if you’re too busy, then it is a great idea to hire a professional with contract basis.


Finally, social bookmarking sites like – Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and others offer link submission as a bookmark on their website. They are pretty much search engine friendly and also boost your Search engine rankings.



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