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How To get Trackback For More Blog Traffic

Webmasters are always busy with lots of different tasks, specially, if you’ve an integrated blog with your website, or selling something through your blog or even, you own a review blog. In all cases, you must involve yourself with other business activities. If you’ve an integrated blog to your online store, then probably you’re busy with your online store, manage them, manage your customers and suppliers, invoices and lots of other stuff, in case of a review blog, you must find the suitable product that can completely fit into your niche, do research on them, but between them – your blog posts are ignored.

As we know, Blogs are great search engine visibility, but it is also true that – you must update your blog regularly to get the best results. But in the above-mentioned scenario, it is not possible for those webmasters who busy with other businesses or other financial activities. In that case, “trackback” can give you amazing result!

Now the question is what is trackback and how it is helpful for Bloggers? Well, trackback means – a blog post based on another blog post by another Blogger(s). Usually the first article is the foundation of the second article, rather better to say, the first blog post/article just draws the idea and the second article is – proof of concept, where other Bloggers shows – how the thing works or the drawbacks of the previous idea that are mentioned in the first article. This technique is very much powerful and helps to Bloggers to reuse their old contents.

Inside The Trackback


A trackback is takes its place when you’re using reference to another article from someone else’s blog. Once your article goes live, your Blogging software automatically sends an electronic notification to other blog (that use as a reference in your article) and inform him/her that – your blog uses his/her post as a reference. Some Blogging platforms have different technologies and require manual approval. So, if it takes long time, don’t worry, once the administrator checks the dashboard, he/she will approve the trackback.

How It Works?


The electronic memo/acknowledgement travels one blog to another through a network ping to verify the link’s availability. It works for both Blogs. Now a day, this feature integrated with open source Blogging platform WordPress. Usually, all most popular Blogging platforms like – WordPress, typed and others supports trackback, the only exception is – Blogger (Blogspot).

How Trackback Increase Your Blog’s Traffic?


As mentioned earlier, trackback communicates both blog by verifying the links. It simply leaves your links to other blog, and grab the traffic from that blog. It is very much effective if that target blog has high traffic. When a reader reads the blog post, he/she clicks on the links mentioned on the post for further information, and finally they come into your blog.




What is True Win/Win Situation?


Well, the trackback is two-way link verification and confirmation process that is why it is necessary that, both the Bloggers must accept/allow the trackbacks for success. Otherwise, your trackback turned into a single way communication and you may not get the desired results. However, to get the sure trackback approval, you must follow the proper trackback etiquettes. However, if you’re interested to read a comprehensive guide about trackback, you can find it here.


Finally, it is a bit time consuming, so keep patience and craft your blog post with trackbacks in a proper manner, definitely, you’ll get the traffic and back links in high traffic and niche Blogs.


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