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How to link build for blog

Are you a beginner Blogger and looking for promoting your blog desperately but don’t know how to do that? Well keep reading –


The easiest way to promote your blog is – link building. Link building is not a software or script that you can integrate with your blog! It is a combination of strategies using that you can leave your Blog’s link in various high traffic Blogs and websites.there are some link building blog. Why it is necessary? Because as a beginner Blogger, you can’t get quality traffic, that is why you’ll need to grab some quality traffic from high traffic Blogs and websites. Additionally, it is very much helpful for your search engine rankings, because those high traffic websites already have good page ranks, and once you tagged your blog with those Blogs/websites, then you’ll grab some page ranks of search engines, Link building act as a double-sided blade in blog promotion.


Legitimate Link Building vs. Black Hat Techniques


When we are talking about link building, then we must know what is a legitimate way to do the task and what is unethical. Legitimate link building means – those link building methods that are approved by all search engines like – link exchange, forum posting, blog commenting, social media marketing, content marketing, video marketing and so on…on the other hand, unethical or black hat link exchange methods are – spamming, link farm, traffic exchange websites, link treading and many others…that is why it is recommended that, you must make short research on those techniques before moving any link exchange program.back link building is very important to get traffic.


However, here are some link building tips for your blog –


Guest Blogging – it is a relatively new concept in Blogging arena. Guest Blogging means – you need to post your articles in a reputed blog as a guest Blogger. In some cases, those Blogs also give you handsome remuneration on each blog post! It is a bonus with your blog link, because when you post your articles on those Blogs, you can leave your Blog’s link. You can find a good guest Blogging tutorial here.you have to SEO to boost your blog traffic.


Forum Postings – forums are completely different in nature than a regular website. It is a place where real users can interact and exchange their ideas. The first step is to find the relevant forums based on your Blog’s niche and then register over there and posting with your Blog’s link with your forum signature. But always remember you posting should be relevant and on the topics, otherwise moderators simply delete your post if they find it as a Spam.


Blog Commenting – this is one of the best ways to build your Blog’s link with other Blogs. to earn from a blog ,you must have to know about blog promotion.The process is similar to forum posting. First of all find the relevant Blogs with high page rank and traffic, and then start commenting. But before commenting, make sure that the blog must allow “Do follow” links. That means, you can post your Blog’s link over there and they keep alive the link. The posting rule is similar to forum posting. Your comments must add some value of those Blogs otherwise the owner of the blog, can delete your comment.


You must have to know, hoe to get traffic to your blog.Last not but the least, there are several other link building techniques also available like – social media marketing, video marketing and others, but to start the process, you can just go with the above mentioned methods, later on you can adopt those advanced techniques.

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