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How to make a website using a platform

Once it was impossible to making a website without knowing website programming or designing or rent a freelancer to do it. So, it was a big budget work to making a classed website. But, now it is possible to making a website without spent a single dollar. You can make a website by using different free platform. These website are well designed and secured. Moreover you can get free support from their community forum if you need. You can make a blog website, or a professional website by using joomla or wordpress platform. You also can make e-commerce or e-store website by using different platform. We are mentioned some of them here, shortly.

WordPress Platform:


WordPress is a free blogging platform. It is one of the most used platform to building blog.It is totally free for all. You can download it from http://wordpress.org  .There are some free template to use on it. You can use different module, widget, and plugging on it to add different feature. Maximum widget , and plugging is free for wordpress. You can download and use good and professional looking  template from http://pepdeal.com for free.

Joomla Platform :


Joomla is another free platform to make content based website. You also can make different e-commerce and other professional website by using joomla platform. This is also a free platform for all.You can use different module , plugging and component on joomla to add different feature on it.There are a lot of free template as well as paid ones. They have a community forum to support you.


Maganto or Ecommerce Platform :

Maganto is an e commerce shopping cart. You can make a shopping website through maganto.It is free of cost. You can accept many type payment options to receive your payment. Another main feature of maganto is that, it is customizable,you can use different theme as you like. You also can use different module to make it more usable to you. There is a built in currency converter.You also can accept different currency here.Some other ecommerce platforms are Presta shop, OsCommerce .Zend Cart etc.


Forum Platform:

Forum is use for making discussion about any specific matter or general matter. Some free forum platform is given below:

Php BB : Php BB is a free , advanced and full functional forum software. It is customizable with theme and mods.You can control user permission from admin panel. There is a built in spam filter. There also a backup and recover  option in this forum software.But, the title and url of this software is not SEO friedly, but you can change it by using mod. Some other forum softwares are Simple Machine Forum [SMF] ,Advance Electronic Forum [AEF] etc.

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