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How To Secure Your WordPress Blog?

Securing your WordPress blog is really important, because nearly 8.5 of the total website over Internet using WordPress, not only that, the developers across worldwide already developed 10,935 Plugins and the number is increasing in every minutes. WordPress not only a simple Blogging platform, rather it is a CMS for small and medium enterprises. As we know, WordPress is an open source Blogging platform cum CMS and it is developed everyday. Due to its popularity, incremental updates of the platform itself, Plugins and themes hackers and other malicious programmers now targeting the WordPress sites.  If you take a look on job boards, then surprisingly you’ll find that, numbers of webmasters posting the job that are related to repair and securing their WordPress sites.


However, here are some guidelines that you should consider to hardening your WordPress sites –


Delete Unused Plugins – sometimes you’ve installed some WP Plugins for different purpose or even to testing, it is recommended that, you must uninstall the unused Plugins. Removing unused Plugins not only give you security enhancements, it will simply speedup your WP website.


Use WordPress security Plugins – why not you install a security Plugin in your WordPress sites? Because installing WordPress security Plugin can ensure your Blog’s security by cleaning unsecured code and other security breaches. Here are some WordPress securities Plugins that can help you to secure your blog –

–          WP Security Scan

–          BulletProof Security

–          Secure WordPress


Each Plugin has own feature sets, for further details – you can check their official websites.


Change Default User Names And Passwords – it is very much essential for your WP site security. Usually, in default installation, WP creates the administrator user with “Admin” name, it is recommended that, you should change the name from “Admin” to anything that you want, but remember the administrator name should be difficult to guess. On the other hand it is suggested that, DO NOT use the password like “administrator” or “demo” for your any WP user account. Rather better that you should use a strong and complicated password that can very difficult to guess and very hard to hack. Usually, hackers use bruit force method to guess the passwords, if you use complex password with alphanumeric characters along with symbols, then it is difficult to hack. It is suggested that, you can use password generation tool like – PWGen to generate strong password.


Update Regularly – as mentioned earlier, WP is a open source project and it develops continuously nearly everyday! So, it is suggested that, you MUST update your existing WP version with latest updates. Usually, develops replace the problematic source codes with latest and secure codes. That is why; you MUST update your site regularly.


Backup Your WP Database Regularly – it is proven that, out of 100, 30 webmasters do not backup their websites regularly. Backing up your WP database is important, because if your website hacked or defaced, on that point you need the control over your database and only latest database backup can give you the data back.


Finally, there are two additional but very much important thing that you must consider – first thing is – you must secure your “/wp-admin” folder and set the appropriate user permission for it and finally, hide your WP version and hide your latest PHP version. So that, the hackers can’t determine the version of WP and PHP and watch different exploit database for recent vulnerabilities. Hope those security steps can help you to protect your WP websites.

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