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How to select the best software for blogging

Being a beginner Blogger, certainly you’ve a question in your mind – “Which Blogging Platform is best blog software?” well, if you take a closure look on blogger’s category, you can find they classified under two categories. They are – Blogspot (formally Blogger.com) users and WordPress users.


The main different between Blogger and WordPress is – you can’t download and install Blogger for your web server where as WordPress can be installed into your web server easily and it is best blogging platform. However, both WordPress offer self-hosting like Blogger. However, here are some key points that you must consider while you’re going to select the perfect Blogging platform for you –


Easy To Setup: .There are many best free blog sites.that means, how easily you can install the blog into your web server. In case of Blogger, you need not to setup anything. Google offer a ready platform for you. On the other hand, you need to install WordPress from your web server’s admin panel. You can upload the WordPress source files through your preferred FTP like FileZilla (http://filezilla-project.org/), after that create the database and finally run the installation from your browser. On the other hand, some hosting companies also offer single click WordPress installation from your admin panel. So check your control panel carefully. If it is already there, then you need not to install WordPress manually.


Easy To Customize – this is one of the main features that you consider.Blogging software is used for blog. Blogger can be customizable, but in comparison with WordPress Blogger is not that much flexible. You can find lots of themes complete free for WordPress and they are easy to customize.


Plugins – it is another great feature for WordPress. You can find thousands of WordPress Plugins from here – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ where as Blogger don’t have any such Plugins. Practically speaking – you can do anything and everything using those Plugins.


Nevertheless here is a comparative study between Blogger and WordPress, hope this study can help you determine the best Blogging platform for you –


Blogger – Blogger.com is one of the largest and most popular free Blogging platforms among Bloggers. The main benefit of it is – Google powers it and it supports other Google products too. For example – Google docs, Google adsense as well as Amazon affiliate program. It is perfect Blogging platform for beginners and novice Bloggers who just start their Blogging. The main reason of it’s popularity is – easy to install and users can design their blog by drag and drop the components, no design skill required. Additionally it comes with lots of pre-designed templates that you can easily integrate into your blog.


WordPress – it is another great and very powerful Blogging platform for advanced users. If you looking for something more than a simple blog, then surely WordPress is the perfect solution – as mentioned earlier, you can install it separately in any commercial server. Apart from the Blogging, you can use it as a CMS or website, a shopping cart, a course management system and many more by adding different Plugins.


Finally, apart from the WordPress and Blogger, other Blogging platforms also available like – TypePad, but their market share is very low and very limited number of users only uses it. Conversely, in conclusion – Blogging is the most popular Blogging platform for beginners due to its user friendliness and SEO benefits, because it powered by Google. Blogger is a Google product and Google loves Blogger, on the other hand the advanced users prefer WordPress because it is highly customizable, robust and supports wide range of plug ins. But unfortunately, WordPress is developing continuously and has security breaches. That is why, it is recommended that, if you’re going to use WordPress, then you must update it regularly and take proper countermeasures.

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