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How to use forums for product promotion

Forums are a great source for marketing products and services. It is totally free and highly niche related. In this tutorial, I will show how to promote products (own or affiliate) and services through forums.


Set a niche

The fast and foremost thing is to set a niche. Categorize your products carefully. If it is iphone, then select “mobile” as niche. If it is sonny bravia TV, select “TV” as niche. Here it is notable that the thinner the niche is, the better it is. For example, if your product is “iphone” and you target some “mobile” related forum, you will get 30%-40% success. But if you target some “iphone” related forum, you will get 60%-70% success.

Collect niche related forum

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Gather some forum name related to your niche.Look,you don’t need 200 forums. Just collect 10-15 good forums which have good number of topics and members. The best option is google search. If your product is “iphone”, do a search with “iphone forum” , “iphone support forum” or “forum for iphone”


Here are some most common forum which is widely used for online marketing/web development etc promotion.

  1. Forums.digitalpoint.com
  2. Warriorforum.com
  3. V7n.com

Register and follow their rules

When you collect 10-15 forums, register and carefully read their rules. Each forum has rules and all big forum follow these rules strictly.


Follow These Rules Always

Here are some rules. you should follow these rules always to be a successful marketer in forums

  1. Read their rules and follow it
  2. DO NOT SPAM. People don’t like spammer, so please don’t do it
  3. Do not create a thread to advertise/sell your products/business. If it is not allowed
  4. Contribute to the forum. I know you come to the forum for your product/business promotion, But if you contribute, people will like you and give much emphasize on your reply which will make your campaign easy to run and get success.
  5. If you are promoting affiliate products, use a URL shortening service. Many forum doesn’t allow affiliate link. you can use bitly.com for free
  6. use signature for attracting people, not search engine.


How to promote product/business

on forums

As I told before,people don’t like advertisement on forum.People don’t like a seller’s advertisement. But they really like a friend suggestion. Now the question is how can you expose your product/business as a friend suggestion.Here is my tricks

forum promotion

  1. go to google.com
  2. Type    Site:.forumname.com “keyword”
  3. Click on search

You will huge list of relevant threads and posts where people are asking for advice on a niche. Look at the screenshot, I search on digitalpoint forum with keyword “seo service”, and it shows 27,300 results from the forum where people are asking for advice on “seo service”


How to write a good reply

Perhaps it is the most important factor in forum marketing. Because this will promote your products, generate sales for long time and at the same time can make your account banned from the forum, So, read the tips very carefully

1. Do not directly write to buy a product or visit a site. rather suggest a product or a site. for example, if a thread is

 I am looking for a WordPress Plugin for inserting table in post. I searched a lot and

got some plugins but those cannot insert shortcode/link in table cell.

Can you guys suggest some?


A bad reply

Buy this plugin http://example.com/ .Only 15$

A good reply

You can check this plugin http://example.com . It can insert table in post

2. Give as personalized advice as you can. Try to understand what the asker is asking. And answer with point. For example, a personalized advice for the above thread is


You can try http://example.com . It can insert shortcode/link/image in cell and row.

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At last, I want to say promotion via forum takes time. So keep patience at first to get result.But once you start getting  results,it will last for long time and it is totally free and highly targeted.
If you have any suggestion/problems,please leave a comments.

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