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How to use twitter to drive visitors to your site












Besides online advertising (PPC marketing) there are a number of sites which can promote your site very effectively without a penny. Twitter is one of them. I know many people use twitter for just tweeting and nothing else. So, they do not get much from twitter.


Here I am going to show you how to use twitter for bringing target traffic to your website

Make a targeted twitter account

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The first thing create a twitter account. Don’t just use your site name as username. choose a keyword based username. For example, if your niche is money making, choose “money_making_tips” or “money_making_ways” etc.Note that your username should be in 15 characters including letters, numbers and dash( _ ) .

Alternamtively,if you already have a twitter account, you can use this. Just change the username. Simply go to


Setting-> account


And change the username. Also change your name and bio in profile. You can also read how to create a killing twitter profile


Add a widget to your site/blog

As we told before that we drive traffic to your site/blog from twitter, so you need to create a widget a on your site/blog sidebar. Make sure your widget has option to subscribe to twitter and show latest tweets.


Start promoting your twitter

We have already created a target twitter account and add it to blog/site. Now we are going to the promotion part. We now promote your twitter account and thus bring visitors to your site/blog.


Follow the big fish

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The theory is simple. We will follow the people who have huge followers in the same niche. You can get these big fish from google search or twitter search. I have an article how to get targeted and huge followed twitter profile in any niche. You can read it.


Their followers (the big fish’s) will see us and follow us back. For example, if you follow 100 people who have 5000 followers each, then your profile is visible to 5000X100=500,000 people.

When I do it for my site, just check my followers increases in a way

Next day                     45 followers
3 days later                   238 followers
Next week                   780 followers
Two week later                 7809 followers
One month later              18,035 followers


Here, I want to mention why The followers are increasing too fast from the previous step. Here is two theory.


The first Reason

The first theory is “as your followers increase, so do your visibility to people and so your followers” . Suppose, if each people have 100 followers, then


Your followers Your profile visibility To People
45 45 X 100=4,500
238 238 X 100= 23,800
780 780 X 100=78,000
7809 7809 X 100=780,900
18,035 18,035 X 100=1,803,500
Total  18,035 followers  Visibility To 1,803,500 people


 The Second Reason

The second theory is “Word of mouth” .We all know the main power of internet is “Go viral” . If 3000 daily read your twitter page and use tips, then at least 5%(150 people) will share it on forum,blogs,guest book,facebook,google plus and other sources. This will create a great visibility to a huge number of people and search engines. Thus your twitter followers are increasing very quickly.


How to tweet:

Now you need to tweet something that people will read. You cannot post an article here as it has a limitation of 140 characters. So, just write the title of your article and URL. you can shorten your URL by bitly.com . And make sure you share something new (not overused) tips. Remember tweet daily and a few times a day. It is not essential that you only tweet your site/blog. You can tweet to other blog/site. Just make sure it has unique and quality and relevant information. Your followers will really like it and always stick to you.


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