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Keyword Based SEO Tips That Boost Your Web Presence In Google

The main goal of any SEO campaign is noting but gathers as much as traffic they can. Because if your website only publish advertisements or selling something online, one thing is common for you, that is – in both cases, you’ll need visitors, The same thing applicable for blog and forum owners.Some seo company serve SEO service.

It is not important that how quick your website get good rank on Google, the most important thing is – how efficiently you select your keyword and place them like a pro. You may read SEO tutorial for know more about SEO.Because only right keyword will give you the business and your website organically get rank higher in Google.

Being a Webmaster, it is your first task to find out the potential keywords that can best fitted for your business as well as describe the business niche. There are lots of keyword analysis tools available on the Internet – both free and paid.search engine markiting is most effictive online  marketing. .However, Google also provide us a excellent keyword tool that can do lots more than a general keyword analysis tool, it finds the most potential keywords depending on the priority (High Competition/ Medium Competition and Low Competition keywords). You can use Google’s AdWords external keyword tool (https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal) to perform your keyword analysis. It not only extract the keyword from your domain, but also it can extract the keywords from your website contents.

However, you can place your keywords in your website for sure Google rankings –


  1. Title Tag – title tag plays a vital role in on page optimization. Usually, professionals and experienced webmasters add their targeted keywords in title tag, because the title of any page get indexed by Google and improve your SERP rankings. But before adding the keyword in your title tag, it is recommended that; find low competition keywords for your title tags. This will give you the best results.


  1. Meta Tag – This is the heart of your website, where you have to add all the keywords. Because search engine spiders read first your Meta tags and Meta description. So, be careful and add all your keywords in your Meta tag.

  1. Content – as we know, “Content Is King”, therefore, your website content must meet the following criteria –


–          Unique and exclusively written for your website.

–          Not copied from anywhere.

–          MUST include your keywords and the keyword density is – 2%-3% for 500 words.


  1. Keyword And Your Domain Name – do you already purchase your domain name? If not, then just hold on and read carefully, keyword in your domain name is very much essential for your better web presence. SEO means Search Engine Optimization.For example, you’re selling golf ball in New York, then your domain name should look like this – www.golfballnewyourk.com NOT www.amazinggolf.com.


Apart from them, whenever you are looking for off-page SEO, you must incorporate your targeted keywords in following areas –


  1. Article Marketing/ Content Marketing – if you’re going to submit articles into article directories, your articles must contain the legitimate keywords with proper density (as mentioned earlier).
  2. Blogging – it is another great technique. But it is also need some keyword related tasks, if you’re using any free Blogging platforms like – Blogger or WordPress, then, always remember – your Blog’s domain must incorporate your keyword and your blog post must contain your targeted keywords.
  3. Video Marketing – if you’re going for video marketing, then you have quite straight forward way to do that – just pick your top keywords and make your videos which contains that keywords and add a proper title of that video with your targeted keyword and finally post it into high traffic video sharing websites like – YouTube, MetaCafé and others…Google automatically get indexed those videos in its search results and give you Google’s first page visibility on specific search results.


Hope this keywords specific marketing guide will help you to better understandings of the concept. Try it and get better rankings organically in all major search engines.There is some SEO tips for you.




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