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Learn how to blogging perfectly from starting a blog

After WEB 2.0 standardization, developers looking for materializing their ideas on the web, as a result of this – Blogs are created. Blog means – weblog, later on people remove “we” and keep the rest words – “Blog”. Blogs are perfect for sharing your personal experience, no matter you’re a programmer, designer, an online shop owner – now day blog is mandatory for everyone. After the invention of Blogs, people use blog in different purpose. Some people use it for sharing their experience and knowledge, another group of users uses if for promoting their products or services, even some of them, use it as a CMS and convert them into small websites.

how to set up a blog


If you’re new in Blogging, then you already read some articles over the internet, and many of them suggest you, they can give you the secrets, so that you can boost your traffic and generate huge revenue from your blog. Frankly speaking – there is nothing hidden in Blogging! Everything is open for everyone; you just need to explore every possibility! You just need to know the basic rule of Blogging and one more thing – you must avoid any kind of black hat promotional techniques. If you do that, you’ll permanently ban from all major search engines and your search engine ranking will be definitely decreased! However, here are some key factors that you must consider –


Choose The Right Platform – YES! This is very much important! If you’re a new Blogger, then it is suggested that, you must compare different Blogging platforms like – Blogger, WordPress and typepad. Blogger is a perfect platform for beginners, because it is self hosted, easy to use, completely free from any hosting charges, lots of inbuilt design that you can easily integrate with your blog, simple drag and drop user interface for designing and last of all it is very much search engine friendly. Google loves Blogger! Because it is another amazing service powered by Internet giant Google. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more, then surely WordPress is a perfect choice for you. WordPress also available in two different flavors, self-hosted and a downloadable format that you can upload into your commercial server along with your own domain name. But remember, self-hosted WordPress is not completely free, it requires a monthly subscription fee.


Be Consistent – this is the golden rule of Blogging. learn about blogging everyday.You must regularly post the content. Consistency is must for both – your reputation and better search engine rankings. All major search engines like – Google, yahoo, Bing, MSN everyone looking for fresh and unique content regularly, additionally, it is not good for your readers that they wait three months longer to read your next story/ tutorial that you’ve posted! On the other hand, it is very much essential that, you must read and reply all the comments that your readers posted in your blog. Regular reply of comments not only improve your readers loyalty, it also proves your consistency and your expertise on that subject.


Knowledge Is Power – we know that, and it is recommended that, you must do research on that platform that you’re using currently and implement those techniques and learn how to begin blogging. If you’re using Blogger, then you can find lots of resources from various Google groups, on the other hand, if you’re using WordPress, then you can find the resource from their forum and other sites too! But it is recommended that, you must take the backup of your current blog before doing any experiment, because if you do anything wrong, then you can revert back your blog from latest backups. In case of Blogger, you’ll need to make the backup manually, whereas in case of WordPress you can do that using Plugins or from your hosting control panel.

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