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Link Building Service

Those who do any online business or run a website on the web are already familiar with link building. Link building is the heart (and blood too) of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Weather you run an e-commerce site, online shop, forum, blog or corporate website, you must need links. Links work as a vote from other people. The more backlinks your site has, the better it is. But all backlinks must be quality links. While building or ordering link, you must be aware of Spam link .Spam link will rank you down on Google and may cause a whole site de-indexation.

 Link Building at low cost: We all know that link building is very hard and tedious work.You can outsource it to other. Note that all low cost link building tasks are not of good quality.Below are some fiverr/seoclerk gig for Good link building at $5

                    10 Quality SEO Gig For Link Building


1. Create 100 Article Directory Posts As SEO Link Building for $5

2. Create 50 Article Directory Post Using manual link building Technique for $5

3. Create 50 Social Blog Post As Cheap SEO Service for $5

4. Create 50 Dofollow Backlinks From Social Blog Posts for $5

5. Create 100 Edu Backlinks For $5

6. Create 5 GOV Links To Your Site Buy Gov Backlinks Service for $5

7. Create one way link building From forum Profile for $5

8. Create 50 Wiki Posts As SEO Link building for $5

9. Create 25 web 2.0 profile for $5

10. Create Quality PDF Backlinks for $5

Types of links/backlinks: Every link has a weight but it is not the same for all links.

Dofollow: Means it tells Google robot to follow the link. Dofollow link has much weight

 Nofollow: Means it tells Google robot not to follow the link .No follow link has much less weight.Mostly blog comment links are Nofollow

Contextual: Means links from content such as article directory, blog post, wiki, PDF or where a link is obtained from an article. Contextual links have high weight

 Profile Link: Links from profile such as forum, blog, web 2.0 etc

 Edu and Gov links: Edu and Gov link have high authority weight. But it is very rare to have link from edu or gov sites

 What Should you care:

  1. Create link manually
  1. Do not use any link building software. Google can easily trace them and rank down your site. An important note freelancer from micro job sites like Fiverr ,Seoclerk, Gigbuck mostly used those automated software. Do not use those service
  1. Try to get links from High PageRank And Authority Sites.
  1. Try to get links from .Edu and .Gov Sites
  1. Content is unique and fresh. Do not use duplicate content.

On-Page Optimization

On page optimization is very important. For better optimization,consider the following things


  1. Use Keyword in title
  1. Make your url as title friendly. If your title is “How To Make Money” ,your URL should be
  1. It is good if you can use a static extension on url. Use “.html” after the url end . So,for the above eample,the better URL will be . I highly advise to use a WordPress script. If you already have wordpress,you can change Permalink from Dashboard=> Setting=>Permalink and choose “Post name” and save it


4. If you use image,try to add keyword on alt tag

5. Use </H1> HTML tags, bold and italic your keyword


Link building is like web hosting


Outsource your link building work: Is has been seen that most website owners are always busy with their content/business. And it is true that link building is a huge work. Without much knowledge, you will not get traffic from search engine. It is just like web hosting. Whenever you want to make a website, you must not think to start a web hosting together for hosting your site. Link building is just like that and even more important than hosting in some case. For example, you can start a blog on blogspot or wordpress for free but you cannot optimize your site for search engine without links.


High Quality Backlinks and Get Huge Traffic Search Engines:



  1. All Links Are Created Manually and Using Google and SEOmoz Recommended   White Hat SEO Methods
  2. All Links Are Permanent
  3. The Whole Process Is White-Hat SEO
  4. All Backlinks Are Of High Quality
  5. All Backlinks Are One- Way
  6. All Backlinks Are Permanent
  7. Backlinks from Social Properties Facebook, Google+ And Twitter
  8. Backlinks From High PR Sites
  9. Backlinks From Dofollow Page (And Some From Nofollow To Mix Juice)
  10. Backlinks Type Contextual, Profile And Mixed
  11. Backlinks Sources Are Web 2 Profile
  12. Backlinks From Edu/Gov Page
  13. Link Building In Diverse way without leaving any footprints
  14. Fully Detailed Report


We provide link building service for SEO purpose. We Use Only whitehat methods for SEO.We provide Panda and Penguine link building service for any type of website


                            Link Building Service

Link Building Service


 We accept payza and credit card (payoner)

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