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Make Money With Your Own Online Video Website

Website development concept and marketing standards changes rapidly in recent few years, before few years back people develop mainly static site, that means, the site administrators may not be able to change the website content dynamically, but now a day, the scenario is completely changed. There are many video websites that are the same like youtube..After invention of WEB 2.0 and open source movement, the website development standards dramatically changed its shape. Open source movement enables, webmasters to develop their websites with open source server side scripting languages such as –PHP and open source database offer webmasters to keep their data safe. Apart from them, based on those open source technologies, numbers of developers worldwide develop CMS (content management system) based on those technologies and distribute them free of cost. They are easy to install, easy to manage, robust and most importantly, they’re completely free from any licensing fees.

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There are many sites from where you can download videos from websites and use that.Amazingly, after invention of WEB 2.0 standards, web developers comes with new business concept, some remarkable business concepts are – Blogs, social networking platforms and of course video sharing platform.

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To download flash video from website,just use a video downloader.However, apart from the development perspective, webmasters changed their marketing strategies. As mentioned earlier, webmasters do not automate their all business processes, but now they do. Before few years back, mid 90’s, webmasters doing their marketing only through email marketing campaign, but unfortunately, this marketing concept is now obsolete due to several anti-Spam policies and Spam blocking software, those software actually block the unsolicited emails and as a result of this you can’t get in touch with your potential customers.

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Nevertheless, if you’re a new Webmaster then here are some marketing guidelines that can help you to generate revenue from your Video Sharing websites –

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Google Adsense – possibly this is one of the best and hottest trend to generate unlimited revenue from your video sharing website. Being a Webmaster, you can sign up for a free Google adsense and get your publisher code and publisher ID. After getting your publisher code, you’ll need to add them into your website, where you want to display the advertisements. Google adsense is a contextual advertisement network, it enables the advertise the related products/service that completely matched with your website. The model Google adsense follow is – PPC (Pay-Per-Click).

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CPM (Cost-Per-Impression) – apart from the PPC (Pay-Per-Model), another model offered by different advertisers, this model is CPM (Cost-Per-Impression). Unlike Google adsense, it does not depend on user’s click, it gives you the revenue based on how many times the advertisement viewed by unique user. If you’re a beginner, then it is another great option for you.


Banner Advertisements – it is one of the oldest advertisement method that can give you fare amount of revenue from your website.There are probably 500 video sharing websites that make much money. It displays banner advertisements in your website and the banner advertisers surprisingly follow both the manners, PPC and CPM. It depends on one network to another. Alternatively, without taking help from any advertisement network, you can direct sell your website’s space. That can give you more revenue, because you need not to share the revenue from the advertisement network.


Text Link Advertisements – it is another way to monetize your video-sharing site. There are lots of advertisement companies available over the Internet who specially deals with text link advertisements.


Affiliate Marketing – it is another high potential revenue generating platform that you can try to generate lots of revenue. Unlike traditional affiliate marketing websites, you can do the by sponsored video reviews. Alternatively, you can charge small amount to the product owner to upload the sponsored video reviews.


Donations – this is another way to generate revenue, but to be very frank, it is very unsure, because it depends on viewer’s choice and their ability and willingness.


However, apart from them, there are several ways available like – surveys and poll and many others to generate revenue. To add content,at first download and upload some video clips from other site to your site.But it is suggested that, you must select the white hat platform to generate money from your video site, otherwise your search engine rankings may affect seriously.



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