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How to make money with youtube


YouTube is a social or public website that allows people to share and view videos. YouTube is a system that needs no formal introduction because it happens to be one of the largest web portals in the world. YouTube allows billions of people to share, view upload what so ever video you wish for. Most people tend to use this network for fun, but never took time to think or understand how to make money out it.Youtube money is a popular method of making money online. If you are one of these people that don’t know how to make money with you tube or even you do not know how to start or how it works then you need to read this article because am going to show you how to start and how to make money with YouTube.

How to start with YouTube

As I said earlier you tube is a public domain therefore everybody can use it and it’s free. To start you need to create an account.

First you go to http://youtube.com/ And click on the button create an account.

Fill in all the individual information that appears on the screen.

Review the outlines of the terms and condition that associates you with you tube and click accept.

You would be asked to sign into your Google account or create one.

Finally you would receive a confirmation message in your mail.

Now you are done with creating an account and you can now upload videos and download, but there are few programs that must be installed to view, upload and download videos such as adobe flash player.It is very important to learn how to make a youtube video.

Visit http://youtube.com/ to get more info on how to create your account and guidance to view, download and upload.

How do I make money with YouTube?

Making money with YouTube is not easy as it seems because you can make a lot of money instantly, it needs dedication and patience. It is the number of viewers of your video that mainly determine how much money you make therefore Your main aim to is to attract viewers to your videos. Factors that influence these include.Also you must learn a lot of how to get youtube views.

When creating your account, choose a unique username. This will enable the viewers to remember and search your videos easily.

The title or subject of your video need to be unique, simple to remember and self explanatory.

You need also to give a little information on your video in other to tell viewers more about your video.

The need to upload viral videos i.e. the videos must be good and interesting to attract viewers. These videos can be funny, educative, world news, guidance to something and when you have more viewers to view your videos the more money you make.You can make money with these.You can also guide others of how can you make money on youtube.

If you want to earn more money you can share your videos on other social networks e.g. facebook, twitter etc.

When you build a reputation with your video by having many views, you can then make a partnership with YouTube. This will enable you to earn money from that particular video.

If you have a website you can link it to your videos.

YouTube has become a worldwide site that gives people cash and fun, all you need to do is to harness the power behind it. From this article I hope you will also harness your own share of the money made.There is another use of making money on youtube.If you learn the ways of making money on youtube very well,you can make a blog or teach others of how do you make money on youtube and make money also from this.





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