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SEO Link Building: Quality and Safe SEO Gigs At $5

Link Building is essential for any type of website weather it is a blog, corporate/business, ecommerce or affiliate site. As we know seo link building is very tedious task, it is a good idea to outsource it to third party. in case, you are giving your whole seo link building task to any third party, you must be sure about what they are doing for creating backlinks to your sites.

seo link building

Link works as a vote and off course every vote/link does not bear the same weight/juice. Try your best to get as much diverse link as possible as SEO llink building service. I will tell more about link diversity later. Before that, I want to mention the places from where you can get quality backlinks at only $5.


Here are some good link building gigs from Fiverr and SEOClerk. Before mentioning those gigs, I want to make you aware of these sites fiverr,SEOClerk, gigbucks etc. Look there are hundreds or perhaps thousands of gig for link building for just 5$.Almost all (except a few) use blackhat methods. These gigs creates bulk link in a very spammy way and make your site rank down or even banned on Google. Keep your site away from those.

Sources Of Link Building:

seo link building source

Here i am mentioning a few sources of link building and a few quality and tested gigs to use. You can get links from these sources at $5.These Gigs are safe and you don’t need to worry about Google’s slap. These gigs takes much time to complete compared to others.

Source 1: Article Directory

Article Directory is a good source of high quality link building and article directory links are considered trustworthy. Article directory can send traffic to your website in two ways. First, these sites will send huge traffic to your site as referral and secondly it will boost your SERP on search engine drastically especially on Google. Google give much importance of article directory links. Another matter why this type of links bear a good amount of weight is that its low OBL(out Bound Link) .The number of outbound link from an article page on most article is less than 5.Most article directories are dofollow. So, you will get the full link juice from each link.

Recommended Gigs

Create 100 Article Directory Posts As SEO Link Building for $5

Create 50 Article Directory Post Using manual link building Technique for $5

Source 2: Blog Posts

Image you are blogger and are writing a post about “keyword choosing” A simple question “Will you ever finish the article without mention about and placing a link back to Google Keyword Tool”. The answer is a big no if you have a basic knowledge about keyword.

Just like the above example, a blog always creates a natural links to those sites which are leader in that field. That’s why social blog post backlinks are very good and works very find for SERP improvement. log Posts are almost like article directory with a few differences. It has low OBL and dofollow features but it does not have any authority box. It may take time to get indexed but it looks very natural in eye of Google.

Recommended Gigs

Create 50 Social Blog Post As Cheap SEO Service for $5

Create 50 Dofollow Backlinks From Social Blog Posts for $5


Source 3: Edu and Gov Backlinks

Edu and gov links are very rare but as it is representatives of two big authority sites :- educational and government websites.

Recommended Gigs

Create 100 Edu Backlinks For $5

Create 5 GOV Links To Your Site Buy Gov Backlinks Service for $5


Source 4: Forum profile

Forum Profile links is web 2.0 link and they are generally from High PageRank Sites. Profile Links are indexed very fast and looks very natural to search engines. Forum profile is widely used to make tier 1 backlinks. The common forum platform is Vbullatine, Phpbb, SMF, Mybb, AEF etc.

Recommended Gigs

Create one way link building From forum Profile for $5


Source 5: Wiki

If you have ever used the internet for a week, you must have heard about wikipedia. Search Engine puts much weight on wiki backlinks. Wiki are generally used to describe any topic or subjects in details.

Recommended Gigs

Create 50 Wiki Posts As SEO Link building for $5


Source 6: Web 2.0 Profile

Web 2.0 Profile link is like Forum Profile link. The main difference between two is that forum is platform based while web 2.0 sites are mostly based on custom scripts. Millions of people are using web 2.0 sites .So Google like this sites. Make sure your web 2.0 profile links is visible to public .Otherwise Google cannot see it.

Recommended Gigs

Create 25 web 2.0 profile for $5


Source 7: Document Sharing

You can get high quality backlinks from document sharing sites. These sites have traffic over million per month. People are searching documents here. After Penguin update, Google is considering document sharing links as backlinks. Almost all top document sharing sites have PageRank greater than 5

Recommended Gigs

Create Quality PDF Backlinks for $5

Penguin Safe Backlinks?

Perhaps, you all are already familiar with Google Latest Algorithm update called “Penguin” Here are some tips to make Penguin safe backlinks.

Way 1: Anchor diversity for SEO Link Building

Diverse your anchor text as many as possible. Use relevant phrase or spare word as anchor. It is very good idea to use synonyms. For example, if your keyword is “make money online” ,your output keyword will be

“Make money”, “make money” online” and “earn money”

Way 2: Domain Extension Diversity

Diverse your domain extension as possible. Examples are:-

  1. com
  2. org
  3. net
  4. edu
  5. gov

Way 3: Link Type Diversity

Do not use only one type for link building. Use multiple type and make it more diverse.

  1. Forum Profile
  2. Web 2.0 Profile
  3. Article Directory
  4. Blog Posts
  5. Wiki
  6. Document Sharing


The final tits: how to use gigs for

effective link building?

Tip 1: Order 2 or more gigs at once. Do not order just 1 gig.

Tip 2:Build link pyramid using these gig. Here is how you can build a link pyramid using these gigs

Step 1: Order 2 gigs and collect the links after complete. For example, you can use Article directory and web 2.0 profiles as tier 1.

Step 2: Order another one or more gigs of another link type and give your first tier link. For example, you can use blog posts and wiki as tier 2

Hope this article will help you find Good,cheap and quality gigs for effective link building.

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