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Guest blogging is the best way to build quality backlinks.Write for us and in return get quality dofollow links with target keywords to your website.Boost your SERPs(Search Engine Rank position) in Google,yahoo,bing and more search’s Google PageRank is 3.So,get tons of backlinks from PR 3 site.

Guidelines for Guest Posts at Pepdeal


Before sending your articles,please make sure:-


  1. Quality and practical advice. We don’t publish descriptive articles. Write implemental and practical tips/advice. For example, we do not prefer “importance of social media in SEO” ,but we prefer “How to use Social media for SEO”
  2. Articles must contain at least 10 points. For example (1,2,3 etc)
  3. No spin or copy content. Only your original writing.
  4. Send your photo and a BIO with the first article. It will be published with your articles.
  5. Article must be of 500 words minimum.

6. We’re really looking for guest posts that present new ideas, fresh perspectives, and  innovative approaches. We like to present readers with ideas that we haven’t seen elsewhere online.Most of the articles are declined due to common topics.We prefer new and innovative topics.These types of articles are approved soon.


7. Include a headline and a related image(in jpg format).The image will be published with the article.

8.You can post 2 links.One should be in the article and another will be at Bio.We will give you dofollow backlinks.

9.Note affiliate link are not acceptable.



As we told before, you can make your own topics. Make sure your topics are implemental that readers can instantly use/apply. Pepdeal readers love practical tips and how-tos.In making your topics, make sure that with this, reader can “Do” rather than just “KNOW


If your articles follow the above rules,please submit using the below form.



Send articles in .doc format. You can zip multiple articles and send that.



                               Submit Articles


If your articles follow the above rules,please send your articles at: .Once published,you will get a link of your published articles by email




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