Elementor Pro Discount Deal Offer (May 2023)

Are you searching for Elementor Pro discount deal offers, you’ve come to the right place?

Currently, Elementor does not provide any special discount deal offers or coupon code for Elementor pro page builder, you can get it now at original pricing

Use the following active link to check the Elementor pro price:

Let me clear one thing about Elementor pro discount coupon code and special deal offers. 

Elementor offers discount coupon codes only on special occasions such as: 

  • Birthday sale offers  — June Month (Coming Soon)
  • Black Friday deal offers — November Month (Coming Soon)
  • Cyber Monday deal offers — November Month (Coming Soon)
  • New Year’s sale offers — January Month (Expired)

You can grab the best deal offers by bookmarking this page because whenever any best deal comes, we always update here.

Moreover, you can also check Elementor pricing tables to get exclusive deals offered on their special events.

We’ve created a blueprint for you, so that you can claim these exciting offers whenever Elementor rolls out discount offers to help you save money on your favorite plans. 

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How to Grab Elementor Pro Discount Deals Using Coupon Code (if available)

Elementor discount coupon code and offers

Do you want to claim Elementor pro discount coupon code whenever available, here’s the step-by-step tutorial to grab discount deals offers.

Step 1 — First, visit Elementor’s official pricing page. From there you can select the plan which is right for you.

Elementor pricing

Step 2 — Once you go to the pricing page, you will see the four plans to choose from. I strongly recommend the $399 “Agency” plan that allows you to create up to 1000 websites, and it is the most popular plan that most bloggers as well as companies use.

If your budget doesn’t allow it then you can go with $199, “Expert Plan”. With this plan, you can build up to 25 websites.

Step 3 — After choosing the plan, click “Buy Now” it will redirect to the checkout page, where you’ve to enter the account info and billing info. 

Elementor pro agency plan

You’ve to first enter your email and password to create an account, and then your billing info. 

create an account

Have a look;

Once you’ve entered your billing information, click “Continue”, and then select your payment method such as credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc.

enter billing info

Step 4 — On the summary section, you’ll see your plan that you chose before, and on the “Discount code” box, enter your “code” (if you’ve any coupon code) and hit “Apply”. 

elementor discount coupon code

After applying the discount coupon code, click “Pay now” to make the payment, and you’re done!

By following these steps, you can get a discount on the Elementor Pro.

Elementor Birthday Sale Discount Offer 2022 [Expired]

Here, you can see what discount offers are being provided by Elementor during the Birthday Sale. The Elementor Birthday Sale began in June.

Elementor PlanOriginal PricingDiscounted PricingDiscount
Essential Plan$49$490%
Advanced Plan$99$8910%
Expert Plan$199$15920%
Agency Plan$999$39960%


  • The Elementor birthday sale has expired but it’s coming in June 2023. Be sure to check the current price of Elementor Pro Plugin, Click here.

Elementor Black Friday Deals Offer 2022 [Expired]

Here are the Elementor Black Friday deal offers that were available in 2022. It is possible that in 2023, you may again be able to get the best deal offers on Elementor Pro.

Elementor PlanOriginal PricingDiscounted PricingDiscount
Essential Plan$59$4916.67%
Advanced Plan$99$8910%
Expert Plan$199$15920%
Agency Plan$399$27930%


  • The Elementor black Friday sale has expired but you can get this offer again, in June 2023. Must check the current price of Elementor Pro Plugin, Click here.

About Elementor Pro Plugin

Elementor pro

Elementor pro is a powerful WordPress plugin that adds more functionality to create eye-catching responsive websites with ease. It allows you to build a complete website without touching a single code.

Additionally, it provides you with a wide range of pre-made templates with all niches, so that you can get started with your personal or client website right away.

It is also known as a popular drag-and-drop page builder. You can easily set up a landing page or pop up page using Elementor pro. 

To use Elementor Pro, you don’t need extensive knowledge about code because it’s all about drag and drop, which makes it easier to create complex websites with ease.

The Elementor pro page builder comes with different pricing plans with tons of features that lets you create professional websites for your personal use as well as  for clients. 

Elementor Pro offers you the following 4 amazing plans:

  • Essential — $59/Year
  • Advanced — $99/Year
  • Expert — $199/Year
  • Agency — $399/Year

All the above four plans include all pro features that help you to create professional looking websites. The only differences between these plans are the limit of website use. 

The Essential plans are for one pro website, Advanced plan for three pro websites, while Expert plan for 25 pro websites, and Agency plans for 1000 pro websites. 

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Elementor Pro Features

Here are some of the standout features offered by Elementor Pro:

  • Theme Builder
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Drag & Drop Live Editing
  • Responsive design for all devices (Mobile, Tablet & Desktop)
  • WooCommerce Site Builder
  • Popup Page Builder
  • Basic and 300+ Pro Pre-made Templates
  • Basic and 100+ Pro Widgets
  • Import/Export Features
  • Form Builder
  • Integration with popular plugin
  • And many more

So what are you waiting for -go ahead and upgrade it to pro version.

Elementor Pro Pricing Details – How much does it cost?

Elementor pro has four different pricing plans:

  • Essential
  • Advanced
  • Expert
  • Agency

Out of the four plans, which is the best plan for you? Let’s have a brief discussion.

#1. Essential Plan — $59/Year for 1 pro website

If you only need one website, Essential is the best plan for Elementor Pro is the one that costs $59 per year and offers a wide range of pro features.

  • Theme Builder with live editing
  • Basic & 100+ Pro Widgets
  • Basic & 300+ Pro Templates
  • 60+ Pro Ready-made Website Kits
  • WooCommerce Store Builder
  • Landing Page & Form Builder
  • Premium Support & Update

#2. Advanced Plan — $99/Year for 3 pro website

The Elementor Advanced Plan allows you to create three pro websites using all the features of the drag and drop builder. This plan offers you the following features.

  • 100+ Pro and Basic Widgets
  • 300+ Pro and Basic Pre-made Templates
  • Theme Builder
  • 60+ Pro Website Kits
  • WooCommerce Store Builder
  • Popup Page Builder
  • Form Builder
  • Integration with all popular Plugin
  • Premium Support

#3. Expert Plan — $199/Year for 25 Pro Website

This is a popular plan of Elementor Pro because it allows you to create up to 25 pro websites. With the Expert Plan, you can get all premium features.

  • Basic & 100+ Pro Widgets
  • Basic & 300+ Pro Templates
  • 60+ Pro Website Kits of Different niches
  • Theme Builder
  • WooCommerce Store Builder
  • Form and Landing Page Builder
  • Supports all Premium plugin
  • Premium Support and Update

#4. Agency Plan – $399/Year for 1000 Pro Website

If you’re a freelancer or WordPress developer building sites for clients, the Agency Plan is one of the best Elementor Pro plans because you can create up to 1000 websites with it.

I highly recommend this plan for all users because it has a minimal cost and at this price point, no other page builder provides amazing features.

With this plan, you can get the following features:

  • 100+ Pro and Basic Widgets
  • 300+ Pro and Basic Pre-made Templates
  • Theme Builder
  • 60+ Pro Website Kits
  • WooCommerce Store Builder
  • Popup Page Builder
  • Form Builder
  • Integration with all popular Plugin
  • Premium Support

Note: All Elementor Pro plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you’re not happy with any of these plans, you can get a full refund within 30 days of signing up on Elementor.com.

Which Elementor Plan Better for You?

Whether you choose the Expert or Agency plan depends on your needs. All plans include similar features, with the only difference being the number of websites you can use the Elementor Pro plugin on.

For example, if you are a beginner or have a tight budget and only need one website, the Essential plan is sufficient. However, if you need more than two websites, there are many options such as the Expert plan (for 25 pro websites) and the Agency plan (for 1000 pro websites).

If you want my recommendation on which plan to buy, I always suggest that our users go with the Expert plan, which costs only $199 for one year.

Why Upgrade to Elementor Pro? Top 5 Reasons

If Elementor is also available in free version then why need to upgrade to pro version. Here’s the top 5 reasons due to whcih you should shifted to Elementor pro version.

#1. Build any type website that you want — With Elementor pro, you can ALMOST create and customize anytype of website such as blog website, ecommerce site, news website, etc. 

You can create any post, page, form, landing page EASILY without writing single code with Elementor pro version. Also, it comes with pro templates, and widgets that helps you to create site with ease. 

#2. Easy to manage with drag & drop features — The Elementor page builder is comes with drag and drop features which allows you create any parts of sites using drag and drop. 

For example, if you want to create contact form, just drag and drop the contact form where you want to create. It is very simple to use for beginner as well as pro bloggers. The drag and drop features allows to manage complete website without touching the code. 

#3. Get access to pro templates, widgets, and website kits — The pro version of Elementor comes with 100+ pro widgets, and 300+ pro pre-made templates including basic features. You can choose your niche templates and customize as your needs. 

Elementor pro provides you premium WordPress widgets that can help you add a dozens of features to your site. Some of the widgets include:

  • Social media widgets
  • Single-post widgets
  • Media widgets
  • Price table widgets
  • Header, and footer widgets
  • Search bar, menu widget, and many more.

You can get premium pre-build 60+ website kits with Elementor pro that can help you to create any niche website within minutes, just choose and start editing the elements. Some of the website kits include:

  • Ceramic Decor Shop Website kit
  • Business Consulting Website kit
  • Photography Portfolio Website kit
  • Dry Cleaning Website kit, and more.

#4. Help you to improve site loading time — The more plugins used, the longer the website loading time. Elementor Pro lets you AVOID using multiple plugins, which improves the loading speed of your website. 

For example, for header, footer, search bar, contact form, and more, you don’t need to add extra plugin on your WordPress site, because all features are available on Elementor pro plugin. So, if you want you site take less than seconds to load then upgrade to Elementor pro. 

#5. SAVE more than 1000 dollars — When it comes to create a professional website, a freelancer or developer charge more than $1000. But, if you’ve little technical knowledge then you can save your pocket money. 

YES, with the help of Elementor pro plugin, you can build a responsive professional website. It is very simple to use for beginner. Also, it doesn’t require high technical skill to use the plugin. 

This is appropriate reason due to which you should upgrade your Elementor to Elementor pro. 

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get Elementor pro NOW!

Elementor FREE vs PRO

The free version of Elementor comes with limited features such as a drag-and-drop website builder, 30+ pre-configured templates, 40+ widgets, and various other editing options. It is easily accessible to all WordPress users.

On the other hand, Elementor Pro is an upgraded version of the free version that offers you all the basic features, including advanced functionality and premium support.

If you are using the free version of Elementor, then you should consider upgrading to the paid version, and we already discussed above why you should use Elementor Pro. While most people use the free version of Elementor, if you want to grow your website, then your only option is to go with Elementor Pro.

With Elementor free version, you’ve limited possibilities, but pro version has infinite possibilities. Here are the top features that you get when upgrade to premium.

  • Drag & Drop Live Editor
  • Responsive Design
  • 300+ Basic & Pro Templates
  • 100+ Basic & Pro Widgets
  • 60+ Pro Website Kits
  • Theme Builder
  • Free Updates
  • Premium Support

Here are some important differences between Elementor PRO and the FREE version.

FeaturesElementor FREEVSElementor PRO
Drag & Drop Live EditorBasic VersionVSAdvance Version
Responsive DesignVS
90+ Basic & Pro WidgetsVS
300+ Basic & Pro TemplatesVS
Pro Website Kits5 Website Kits OnlyVS60+ Website Kits
20 Expert Website KitsVS
Theme BuilderBasic VersionVSAdvance Version
Free UpdatesVS
Premium SupportVS
Pop Up BuildersVS
Form BuildersVS
WooCommerce BuildersVS
Hello ThemeVS

Elementor WordPress Hosting Pricing Details

If you’re looking for WordPress hosting that too under a budget? Then, you should definitely check out the Elementor managed WordPress hosting option.

Elementor also offers you managed WordPress hosting at an affordable price range. The best part? It comes with everything that you need to build a WordPress websites such as hosting, pro page builder, theme, and premium support. You’ll get everything with just one account. 

Elementor WordPress hosting pricing plan details

 It comes with four plan with different features, which are following:

#1. Basic Plan — This plan costs $9.99/month, billed annually, it will costs you $120 and renews at $180/yr. You can host one WordPress website, and Elementor pro website builder. 

#2. Business — This plan is best for small and medium sized businesses, which costs you $19.99/mo, billed annually, and pay $240, and renew at $300/yr. It lets you to host one WP websites, and you will get Elementor pro website builder. 

#3. Grow — This plan costs $22.99/mo, billed annually, pay $276, and renew at price $396/yr. With this plan, you can host three WordPress websites. Also, you will get $99/yr value Elementor pro website builder. 

#4. Scale — If you’re looking for WordPress hosting where you can host up to 10 WordPress hosting, then Elementor scale WordPress hosting is one of the best plan for you. It costs $49.99/mo, billed annually, and pay $600, and renew at $720/yr. You can also get Elementor pro website builder of worth $199/yr.

Conclusion on Elementor Pro Discount Deal Offer

This is all about the Elementor Pro Discount Deal offers. I hope everything has been clarified about the Elementor discount coupon code and special deal offers. Additionally, you now know the reason for upgrading to the premium version. Please go ahead and check out the current deal price of Elementor Pro.

If you need a discount on Elementor Pro, you will have to wait for it. We always update our page whenever any discount is available from Elementor. You can bookmark our site or visit pepdeal.com.


Is there any discount coupon code available for Elementor Pro?

Currently, Elementor is not offering any discounts on the Pro version. Discount coupon codes are only available on special occasions such as Birthday Sale, Black Friday Sale, Cyber Monday Sale, and New Year Sales.

How can I apply an Elementor Discount Coupon code?

During checkout, you will see a box for “Discount code” where you can enter the coupon code and hit apply.

Does Elementor Pro have a money-back policy?

Elementor offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your plan, you can get a full refund within 30 days of signing up.

Is Elementor’s FREE and PAID version the same?

No, both versions are different. With the free version, you can only access limited features, while with the paid version, you can access unlimited features to manage your WordPress website. Visit our site to learn more about the Elementor Free and Pro versions.

Does Elementor offer any lifetime subscription plans?

No, Elementor does not offer any lifetime plans. It only offers yearly plans.

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