Elementor Pro Pricing 2023: Does Elementor Have a Lifetime Subscription Plans?

Elementor Pro

  • Easy to use
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You’ve got an ecommerce website development project from a client, and they need a complete ecommerce site within two days. Well, if you start building a complete shopping site using React.js, Next.js, or any other framework, it will take around one month or more.

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But if you need the website within two days, then it can be possible using WordPress CMS along with a page builder.

And I believe you’ve heard about Elementor page builder and come here to know about Elementor Pro Pricing to complete your project, then you have come to the right place.

Today, in this article, you will learn about Elementor Pro pricing, including other related questions like What is Elementor? Is it worth it to pay for Elementor Pro? Does Elementor Pro offer any discount? and many more.

There are a lot of things to do with the Elementor Pro Plugin, and you can learn what you can achieve with it by reading our comprehensive Elementor Review.

But before we come to our topic “Elementor Pro Pricing,” let’s know about Elementor.

Bottom Line Upfront

Elementor Pro is a WordPress plugin that helps to design or develop a website using drag and drop features. Using the Elementor page builder, you can create a complete website very quickly and effectively compared to ever before. The Elementor Pro builder is best for those who don’t have coding knowledge. With the help of the Elementor plugin, you can create each section of the WordPress site like the header, footer, landing page, and more.

The Elementor Pro gives access to advanced features like the theme builder, pop-up builder, WooCommerce builder, forms builder, ready-made templates, and more.

So, if you want to become a pro WordPress website developer, the Elementor Pro plugin will help you get started quickly. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and upgrade to Elementor Pro, pay once, and forget about renewing it.

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Elementor Pro Pricing?

Elementor has a free version that you can download from WordPress.org and use for an unlimited number of websites. However, it also has a pro version that is available for different pricing plans.

Don’t be confused between Elementor Free and Elementor Pro – both are drag-and-drop page builders with different functionality and features.

If you decide to invest in the Elementor Pro plugin, it is important to have knowledge about both the free and paid versions.

Here, you can see the major differences between Elementor and Elementor Pro.


Elementor Pro

PricingFree$59, $199 & $399
Site UsagesUnlimited Site1, 25 & 1000 Sites, based on Plans
Drag & DropYesYes
Widgets30 Basic100+ Basic & Pro Widgets
Templates40 Basic300+ Basic & Pro Templates
Pop up BuilderNoYes
Landing Page BuilderNoYes

Form Builder
WooCommerce Store BuilderNoYes
Premium SupportNoYes

We have seen in the above table that the free version of Elementor offers limited features compared to the paid version. However, keep in mind that the free version of Elementor is also capable of designing and building a simple blog website.

Now, let’s move on to the pricing details and features of Elementor Pro.

How much is Elementor Pro Pricing?

Elementor pro pricing
Elementor Pro Pricing Details

When it comes to Elementor Pro pricing, it offers different pricing plans based on the number of sites you want to use it on.

Here are the current pricing table options for Elementor Pro. Keep in mind that the price may differ occasionally, such as during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or on Elementor’s birthday. Read more about Elementor Pro Discount deal offers.

  • Essential Plan: $59 per year for use on 1 pro site
  • Plus Plan: $99 per year for use on 3 pro sites
  • Expert Plan: $199 per year for use on 25 pro websites
  • Agency Plan: $399 per year for use on 1000 pro sites

Each Elementor Pro plan comes with the same features and functionality, with the only difference being the number of sites you can use Elementor Pro on.

All Elementor Pro Plans Include:-

  • 100+ Basic & Pro Widgets
  • 300+ Basic & Pro Templates
  • Theme Builder
  • WooCommerce Store Builder
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Pop up Builder
  • Form Builder
  • Marketing Tools
  • Premium Support

Additionally, all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Now, as per your budget, you can choose Elementor Pro plans. If you want to build only one site, then I would prefer you go with the Essential plan as it is enough for one pro website. But, if you have plans to build multiple sites on WordPress in the future, then I strongly recommend the Expert plan as it is the best fit for your needs.

Keep this note in mind: Currently, Elementor Pro doesn’t offer any lifetime subscription plan. So, you have to renew it after one year of expiration, and the renewal charge will be the same as the buying price.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a drag and drop page builder tool that helps us to create and design website layouts without touching any code. Using Elementor, we can create any type of site, such as blogs, e-commerce, health & fitness, and technology websites.

It comes with different widgets and layout features, including typography, colors, and all other features needed for building a website.

The best thing about Elementor is that we don’t need any technical or coding knowledge. Even a non-techy blogger can easily set up a complete website from scratch.

Moreover, this is the best option if you have a low budget to hire a web developer. Just download the free version of Elementor and start creating sites.

If you’re using any WordPress theme, Elementor is compatible with most of them. But, I recommend using GeneratePress Premium or WP Astra with Elementor because they are lightweight and the most popular themes on the market right now. The rest is up to you.

Elementor free version offers

Elementor Free version offers basic design possibilities that can help you build a website. Here are some of the features that are included in the free version of Elementor.

  • Drag and drop page builder for editors
  • Pre-designed templates and Widgets
  • Basic widgets such as text editor, image, video, button, and divider
  • Customizable typography and color settings
  • Mobile responsive design options
  • Live preview and editing mode
  • Integration with popular marketing and email tools such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, and ConvertKit

If you need more advanced features such as WooCommerce integration, a theme builder, custom CSS, and additional widgets and templates, then you will need to upgrade to the paid version of Elementor (Elementor Pro). However, if you’re on a budget, the free version is sufficient for building a site.

Pros and Cons of Elementor free version

Elementor Pros

  • User-friendly
  • Simple to create pages and posts with drag & drop page builder
  • Compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins
  • Use for unlimited sites
  • Basic design features
  • Integration with all popular marketing tools
  • Regular updates

Elementor Cons

  • Lack of more features such as theme builder, form builder, WooCommerce builder, pop-up builder
  • No support available

What is Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro is an upgraded version of Elementor that offers more advanced features than the free version. With Elementor Pro, you can build a complete, responsive website quickly and easily.

The Pro version of Elementor includes 100+ Basic & Pro Widgets, 300+ Basic & Pro Templates, a theme builder, form builder, WooCommerce Builder, and many other features. It comes with different pricing plans, along with a limit on the number of websites you can use it on.

One of the best things about using Elementor Pro is that you don’t need to install additional plugins to design your website, and it can also improve your website’s loading time.

If you’re looking to improve the user experience, search engine ranking, and attract more visitors to your site, then consider upgrading to Elementor Pro..

All Features of Elementor Pro

The Elementor Pro has more advanced features that we cannot describe in one article, but we will try to include all the important features that you will get with the Pro version. If you want to see all the features, click here.

  • Drag & Drop Editor

Build every part of your website visually with live preview. Simply drag, drop, and design your site without writing a single line of code.

  • 300+ Ready-made Templates

You’ll get a list of 300+ designer-made templates for all niches, such as shopping, fitness, tech, news sites, and many others. Just select and start creating your own design that is fully responsive.

  • 100+ Widgets

You don’t have to write a single line of code for any section because you will get dozens of widgets that will help you add to your website. Simply drag and drop them into the section where you need them. It includes call-to-action, share button, Add to cart, login, and many other different widgets.

The widgets are also available in the free version, but are limited. It helps you more if you want to build ecommerce sites.

  • Responsive Editing

It gives you the feature of responsive editing of your site so that you can make it look perfect on all devices, whether users are using your site on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

You will get the hide and show elements feature, so that you can select which sections and widgets you want to show on any device.

  • Live Editing

During designing your site, you can see a live preview so that you can’t make any mistakes. This feature is available for both the free and paid versions of Elementor.

  • Import/Export

If you have a ready-made template, you can import all of its parts, including images, to any other website.

  • Landing page templates

You’ll get a variety of pre-designed landing page templates and quickly build a home page, about page, and more.

  • Pop-up templates

To get more leads, you can create professional popups using pre-made designer popup templates. Simply choose your design and edit each section as per your requirements.

  • Motion and Interactions

Elementor Pro offers you more animated features to your websites using motion and interaction features. The scrolling effects make your website look more attractive and this feature is only available with the Pro version.

Keep in mind that the free version also offers some motion effects and if you need mouse effects, 3D Tilt effect, page transitions, and scroll snap, you need the Pro version.

  • WooCommerce Builder

The Elementor Pro version is best for WooCommerce websites because it gives you more functionality for your WooCommerce site. You can create the ultimate shopping experience.

  • Form Builder

You can create eye-catching forms that grab users’ attention and collect, store, and manage your data all within Elementor.

The Pro version of the form builder allows you to create different types of forms within seconds, such as contact forms, subscription forms, login forms, multi-step forms, and many more.

  • Theme Builder

The Pro version of Elementor theme builder is amazing. You can review and edit each component of your website individually, such as headers, footers, posts, products, pages, and more.

You can also determine exactly where you want to show the design templates across your website using display conditions, and this feature is only available in Elementor Pro.

  • Integration with popular plugin

The Pro version allows you to integrate with popular plugins such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, GetResponse, and many more. With the free version, you can also integrate, but there are some limitations.

  • Advance Features

Other advanced features of Elementor Pro are custom CSS, role manager, custom code, request parameters, custom attributes, and more.

Pros and Cons of Elementor Pro

Here are some pros and cons of Elementor Pro that can help you decide whether you need the Pro version or the Free version.

Elementor Pro Pros

  • User-friendly and 100% responsive for all devices
  • Professional pre-made 300+ themes and 100+ widgets to give your page a professional look
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins
  • Get access to theme, WooCommerce, pop-up, and forms builder
  • Dozens of ready-made templates for landing page
  • Seamless Integration with all popular marketing tools
  • Create landing or any page within minutes
  • Get display conditions features and determine exactly where your design page appear across your website.
  • Regular updates & Excellent Support

Elementor Pro Cons

  • More advance features overwhelming for beginners
  • No lifetime subscription plans
  • The plans do not have unlimited site usage


We always say to our Pepdeal users that no one can be 100% perfect; they may have some demerits. So, cons can’t determine whether a service is not good. It only helps us to know what is lacking. After viewing the pros and cons of Elementor Pro, you may be confused about whether to go with Pro or not. But, my opinion is that if you want a pretty and responsive site, then definitely upgrade to the Pro version.

Our Score

Does Elementor have a lifetime subscription plans

If you’re looking for the Elementor Pro lifetime plan subscription, then your search ends here.

Because Elementor does not provide any lifetime plans. It only has four running plans which are based on renewal after one year of subscription.

And the plans are:

  • Essential Plan: $59 per year for use on 1 pro site
  • Plus Plan: $99 per year for use on 3 pro sites
  • Expert Plan: $199 per year for use on 25 pro websites
  • Agency Plan: $399 per year for use on 1000 pro sites

Is it worth paying for Elementor Pro?

Yes, it is worth paying for Elementor Pro if you want to create professional-looking, responsive websites without having to write code.

Imagine having two options: hiring a web developer for $1000 or more to design an e-commerce site, which will also take time to complete, or getting Elementor Pro for $59 or $99 and creating the same website yourself.

The second option is better because Elementor Pro offers a wide range of advanced features that will help you create and design your complete website.

It comes with a theme builder, form builder, WooCommerce builder, and many other features that can save you time and effort in website creation and provide a better user experience for your website visitors.

Moreover, Elementor Pro provides regular updates and excellent support, making it a reliable and valuable investment for web designers and business owners alike.

4 point of why you should upgrade to Pro today!

I think the comparison between Elementor and Elementor Pro provides sufficient reasons to upgrade to the Pro version.

However, if you still want more solid reasons to upgrade to Elementor Pro, here are four important points to consider:

  • Point No. 1Theme builder allows you to customize every part of your website:

With Elementor Pro’s theme builder, you’ll have complete access to visually design every section of your website, including the header, footer, product page, shopping cart, archive page, pop-up page, contact us page, and all other parts of your site using Elementor.

These sections are compatible with any WordPress theme and require no coding. No other theme or plugin offers this solution, making it possible to build an entire website without writing a single line of code. Additionally, you’ll be able to complete your site project considerably faster than ever before.

  • Point No. 2Professional ready-made templates and blocks:

With each section and block, an entire website is completed. Elementor Pro pre-made templates and blocks make your work easier.

You’ll get 300+ templates and 100+ widgets that you can use on your site anywhere. Simply select the professionally made templates and blocks, and easily customize them to create stunning websites.

  • Point No. 3Integration with all popular marketing tools:

Elementor Pro lets you connect with all popular marketing tools such as GetResponse, MailChimp, and others, helping you build your customer base. Most page builders don’t offer this feature.

  • Point No. 4 Many advanced features:

Elementor Pro offers many other advanced features, including custom CSS, role manager, Google Maps API, custom icon libraries, Font Awesome Pro, Facebook SDK, and more.

In my opinion, due to these features, you should upgrade to the Pro version.

Join Elementor Pro today and start enjoying the best design solution for WordPress.

How to install Elementor pro

Installing Elementor Pro is a very easy process. Follow this step-by-step guide to install the Pro version of Elementor:

  • Once you’ve purchased the plugin, you’ll receive an email with your purchase details.
  • After purchasing Elementor Pro, go to my.elementor.com and log in with the details you received in the email.
  • On the top right corner, click the “Profile” page and then click on the “Download Plugin” button.
  • Now, log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add New from the left menu.
  • Click on the “Upload Plugin” button at the top of the page.
  • Choose the Elementor Pro plugin file you downloaded, and click “Install Now.
  • After the installation is complete, click “Activate Plugin” to activate Elementor Pro on your website.
  • To activate the license, go to Elementor > License > Connect & Activate.
  • Click “Connect,” and after you log in, your license will be activated automatically.

That’s it! You’ve successfully installed and activated Elementor Pro on your website.

Conclusion on Elementor Pro Pricing & Plans

It’s all about Elementor Pro pricing and plans. If you’re still confused about the Pro version, let me end this article with a clear suggestion.

Trust me, at this price point, no other competitor provides these features, and they may charge more than Elementor Pro.

I agree that, except for its Essential Plan, Elementor’s plans are not cheap. However, there is no other option available on the market today. If you compare it with other page builders like BeaverBuilder, you’ll find that they charge more than Elementor Pro.

So, if you want to create appealing pages, Elementor is your savior.

Of course, Elementor is my favorite tool that I use for all my websites. That’s why I recommend it to you as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Before the price increases, go ahead and avail the best deal offers.

Last but not least, it’s your choice whether you want to go with the popular page builder Elementor Pro or find another one.

Best Deal

Elementor Pro Pricing

Price: $59

I agree that, except for its Essential Plan, Elementor’s plans are not cheap. However, there is no other option available on the market today. If you compare it with other page builders like BeaverBuilder, you’ll find that they charge more than Elementor Pro.

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